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A car windshield or auto glass protects the driver and other occupants of the car from the elements and the wind that can be quite disconcerting at high speeds. A windshield that is scratched or cracked must not be ignored, as it can lead to further deterioration that may require costly auto glass replacement.

A damaged windshield can also mar the looks of a car and make it difficult to drive if it is letting in the wind or rain. Visibility can also be hampered and create light patterns that from incoming headlights that make it difficult to see the road. Accidents can occur and lead to far more damage and cost than the cost of the original auto glass replacement. Make sure that your insurance policy does allow for windshield replacement as this can help you to save costs.

Windshield replacement must be carried out by firms that are experienced in carrying out that work. Your insurance company can often be a good guide to find the right people. Many insurance companies will even have their own firms whom they will suggest you go to. It is always better if the work is carried out by using the original manufacturer’s glass as this will be properly contoured to the configuration of the model of your car.

The first step to the replacement of an auto glass is to remove all the molding that goes around the windshield. Molding is attached to the body of the car by clips, glue or may be pushed into the lip of the body. Every car model will have its own method of fixing and it is important that the firm who is carrying out the auto glass replacement in Dalla TX, be aware of the method and be able to arrange for any clips or other fixtures that may be needed during the replacement work. If you have any factory service information or manuals these can come in handy. In some cases, the glass is mounted flush and has no molding. Any old adhesive must be completely removed and the surface of the car that receives the new glass must be as required by the original glass. Remove the old windshield carefully and ensure that there are no glass or other fragments still adhering to any part of the windshield mounting surface.

The surface must then be cleaned with alcohol or other cleaners so that it is ready to receive the new auto glass. It must be prepared to receive the new adhesive through the use of the primers that are suggested for the adhesive. Allow the primers to cure as suggested in their literature so that you get the full advantage of all its properties. Make sure that the new glass being used for the replacement fits correctly by checking all dimensions, and the recommendations of the manufacturer. A dry run to ensure thus can help to remove any doubts, though thus must be done with a lot of care.

Adhesives are applied as a bead to the edge of the glass and this bead needs to be larger at the corners. Some adhesive can also be applied to the seating surface through this can be a minimum. Adhesives require some time to cure and this time must be strictly adhered to if you want the best results. The auto glass must be lifted into position using suction cups or other devices and placed on the seating surface. Press the glass onto the surface so that it is properly seated in position. It will require a couple of hours for the adhesive to grip the surfaces and glass as required, and during this time care must be taken to see that the vehicle remains undisturbed. See that the doors are closed and locked and the keys kept away safely so that there is no opening or closing of doors, as this can disturb the seating of the glass and cause it to move out of position. The car should definitely not be driven when the adhesive is setting.

All excess adhesive must be removed and moldings or clips placed in proper position during this replacement work. Give the replaced windshield a final clean both inside and outside and your vehicle is ready for use once again. Drive safely.